Some Completed Projects.

1929 Fleet model 2 bi-plane
Built from concept Models 1/4 scale kit
powered by Quadra 42 gas engine.
covered with 21st century fabric

1929 Davis D1W scale sport plane
Built from 1/4 scale Reid's plans
Powered by Quadra 42 gas engine
Fabric covered

Fokker DVI WW1 Fighter
Built from GTM models 1/4 scale kit
This model was framed up by David Gates, my portion of the build, was to cover, paint & detail it.
Powered by Lazer 200 glow engine
Covered with GTM Lozenge fabric & Sig koverall on top wing & stab upper surface markings painted on.

Piper J-3 Cub
Built from a Sig 1/4 scale kit.
Powered by O.S. 1.60 Twin Glo Engine
Covered with Fabric

AS350B Scale Helicopter
Built up from Trex 600 mechanics & RCAerodyne scale fuse & 3 blade rotor head.
Skookum SK720 gyro system
Operating lights system

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Professional Building Services For

  • Radio Control Aircraft and Helicopter Flyers
  • Large Scale Aviation Models for Display
  • UAV Operators
  • Scaled Prototype Development Programs

1/4 scale fleet model 2 bi-plane

1/4 scale 1929 Davis D1W

GTM DVI Completion

25% SIG J-3 CUB

DVI Right View K800

AS350B Build

25% Davis DIW Custom Build

DIW Cockpit Detail