*All soldered landing gear joints are nickel silver brazed for additional strength & durability.

* All primary structure attach points utilize machine screws & blind nuts or potted brass inserts. No wood or nylon screws are used.

*All areas exposed to engine oil & fuels, are fuel-proofed, using epoxy resins.

*High Quality- Du-Bro, Sullivan and Robart hardware & fuel system components are used throughout the build. This also applies to ARF builds - the original kit hardware, will be returned to the customer, unless other specified.

*All complete builds are delivered, balanced, as per the kit instructions.

*All materials used in the build are inspected for quality and conformity to specs.

*Epoxy adhesives will be used on all primary structure attach points, engine bulkheads & mounts and L.G. mounts.

* On 1/4 scale and larger builds, 4-40 & 6-32 machine thread hardware, will be utilized to ensure adequate strength and airworthiness.

* Lift struts, cabane struts & interplane struts on scale classic & bi-plane builds, are fitted with adjustable rod ends, so that wind incidence, decalage & wash-out can be adjusted for perfect trimming of the aircraft.

* Custom scale nav & high intensity strobe lighting system installations available.

*Whenever possible, fuel tanks and other "hard to get at" components will be mounted on removable trays.

*Unique bi-plane mods to mount wing panels for fast field set-up are available.

*Tail surfaces can be made removable for easy transport & shipping.










We will contract to do anything from ARF assembly to 40% turnkey flying models. All jobs are done by quotation and written agreement. A detailed work order will be provided to the customer, specifying the level of completion requested, as per customer instructions.

We do have a standard build level that models are completed to, which includes pilots, instrument panels, fairing and hatch details, flying wires and tail brace wires. This standard results in a good, practical, everyday flying model that has enough detailing to be a convincing replica of the full size aircraft.

Those customers desiring "museum quality" detailing- rivets, rib stitching and tape, etc. can expect a separate quote for the advanced build level.

We specialize in 1/5- 1/4-1/3-scale classics and warbird flying models.

Packing, shipping and applicable taxes will be billed to the customer at actual cost.

Contact us for payment terms.


Concept Models Fleet 2

Flees 2 Kinner Engine

Fleet 2 Cockpit Detail







Trex 450 Custom

Helicopter Set-up Service

Chief Heli Test Pilot

A109 Completion

A109 Test Flight

A109 Lights OPS. Check

450 Heli Test Flight

AS350B Scale Build

450 Scale Build #2

AS350B Test Flight Right Side



Bi-plane Fast Field Set-Up

The big draw back to scale bi-planes fitted with scale landing & flying wire details is the time consuming task of wings & wires assembly at the flying field.

For aircraft too large to transport, fully assembled, we have addressed this problem by designing wing carriers that allow left & right wing panel sets to be transported, assembled with flying and landing wires in place.

The wing assemblies are simply slid into place on the fuse, and the carriers are removed. The wing retainers are installed and flying/landing wire screws tightened & servo leads connected. This makes field assembly a 10 minute job!

We can modify most scale bi-plane designs to incorporate this feature.

Bipe Fast Field Setup K800



Bipe Fast Field Setup K800



Bipe Fast Field Setup K800